Let's Talk Small – Brown Betty Blue

Let's Talk Small

Today marks the first day of my new mission - to set up and actually maintain a blog :)

I plan to talk all things small, small business, but to start maybe a little intro to me and how it all began.....

After many years of working as a PA or coordinating roles I needed to be creative (again). I studied photography at university and funnily enough paperwork and filing just didn't give me the creative buzz I needed! After having my first daughter I found I spent lots of my very short (that's a story for another day) maternity leave sewing. I was not happy with the pink nursery options that were mainly on offer in the shops so I went about making my own things. As time went by I found I had made lots of nursery mobiles, blankets and cushions too many for just one room! It is here that my little business began :)

I wasn't sure where Brown Betty Blue, a name inspired by my brown, blue eyed cat Betty, would take me.

All I knew is that I wanted to grow and hopefully end up only running this business and just maybe needing my own PA one day!

I have made many mistakes over the years, got too attached to certain products, shocked by the lack of support from friends and family (again another story....) but I have never waivered on wanting to succeed.

I plan to discuss things I have learned that could help you on your small business journey. As well as bringing together as many fellow companies I can find and picking their brains on how they have found being an independent seller.

If there is a small business that you think I need to know about or who you would like to know more on, then let me know!